Monday, February 13, 2006

Back at the Quakers

We made it to a Quaker meeting on Sunday, the first time since we moved. It was a completely silent meeting in which no-one spoke. It was lovely. Sometimes there are no words to say, and the quietness itself says all we need to hear.

(Although someone fell asleep and snored a bit...hee hee)


Peterson Toscano said...

yay! so glad you found new Friends. Hope to go to your meeting some day. Thinking of a Sept trip England, Sweden and Spain. Need to visit you!

Contemplative Activist said...

Cool! Although, we've no idea where we'll be by then. My contract is only 6 months and won't be renewed (NHS funding issues...bleurgh) - tis a shame, because we're living in the Chilterns and there's some really beautiful countryside around.
But, you are welcome to visit. I had to be in another town today and had such a lovely drive there and back!

BTW, Southampton Quakers want to be kept informed of your whereabouts if you are in the UK (so they can stalk you, I think!). They'd like to have you back if they can, but have said, if you are doing an open performance, they'll look into arranging a group trip!

Dave Rattigan said...

You know, I was browsing through my Bloglines deleting a few redundant links last night, and I came across 'Ruthie-Annie's Blog', and thought, Oh, I wonder what happened to her? She kinda disappeared.

And all this time I've been reading Contemplative Activist, and never realized it was you. *Duh!*

Martin said...

This is all well and good, but what did the possessive apostrophe ever do to you?

A self-confessed pedant

Contemplative Activist said...

LOL Dave - btw, you telephoned our house once, and I bet you didn't even know :P