Saturday, July 15, 2006

AUTISM - getting the truth out!

Thanks to Alice, I've discovered a fantastic website about autism called Getting the Truth Out.

Its a wonderful reflection on power, rights, choice & disability.

However, what is really quite shocking, is that it is in response to this to website, run by the Autism Society of America. How much we need to be careful about ever presuming to speak on behalf of another person. How much we, especially people like me who work with people with autism, need to learn how to listen.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting the plight of people with Autism. My seven-year old has autism, albeit at the mild end of the Spectrum. My ex- is having a real battling getting the local education authority to officially recognise that he is autistic and therefore has specific educational needs.

Contemplative Activist said...

Thanks Anonymous,

I wish you, your ex & your 7 year old the best. Battles with LEAs can be so stressful for everyone. It makes me so sad & angry when I see parents battle endlessly with LEAs. It shouldn't be such a struggle for your child to get the help he/she needs to reach their full potential in education. But experience tells me that it is for many parents and kids.