Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I have a confession to make. I am addicted to spinning and just added another class to my schedule. That's 3 classes a week - oooh, squeeze my ass. (No seriously, if anyone wants buns of steel, spinning is definately the way to get them!)

It was my post-PhD resolution to get fit - and getting fit I have been getting ;). I only wish I'd done it earlier - genuinely, I feel brighter, more energetic and proud of myself. The latest studies have found exercise to be as good as anti-depressants and cognitive-behaviour therapy (the treatment of choice for depression) in reducing mild depression and I'm certainly seeing the effect on my general mood (although I have not been depressed, in case anyone is worried!)

Next stage (on the persuasion of one of my spinning instructors)....weight training :O

Now, I have to keep this up as the demands of my clinical training get tougher!


Peterson Toscano said...

crap! We have lost her into the exercise vortex. It was bound to happen sooner or latter. Are you going to become an exercise evangelist?

I do exercise too. I find vacuuming to be an exhausting workout that I do quarterly. My daily exercise routine consists of cooking rice in my rice cooker and brushing my teeth. So it is not spinning but it is better than Burger King.

Contemplative Activist said...

Next time you visit, you can have a squeeze of my glutinous maximus and then you'll be pleading to come spinning with me ;)!