Saturday, June 02, 2007


1. The community spirit behind sectarianism on both sides
2. We beat England 1-0 and made a song about it
3. We have 5 seasons; as well as Autumn, Spring, Winter and Summer we
have the riot season (also known as marching season)
4. We have more terrorist organisations than the middle east
5. The home of Harp; the pint we call our own
6. We are so good, the English ripped off the look we call steek/milly
and called it chav
7. The home of the petrol bomb
8. The only place where you will have your car stolen and thieves will try and sell it back to you
9. The only country where people will fight over Rangers and Celtic and
not know any players in the teams
10. Our riot squad are so good that they train the English police riot
11. The average teenager can make at least 3 different types of
12. The only country Germany are afraid of


Mikayla Starstuff said...

LOL are these reasons to love Northern Ireland or reasons not to want to live there?

Lorcan said...

Och... #7... diggin' with the wrong foot! Haven't ye any oil paint t' add to the petrol to make a bogside doodlebug! D'ye need folks from dherry to teach ya everthin???



Oh! Wee Ryan is gettin mahrried this August! An drop by me photo page an lookit the wee photos... ever'thin from .. .well drop in an see inall...

Is mise, le meas, agus le gra
email ifin you forgot the flickr address... =D

an the best thing in the north is the huntin lodge on Falls...

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!! Being partly Irish m'self, we can cetainly be an unruly, loving bunch w/ a huge sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Nice Posting