Friday, July 15, 2005


My blog has been dealing in rather heavy subject matters this week - so I thought I'd let you all know about a light hearted discovery I made today.

I now know what cilantro is!!!

I assumed it was some kind of mystical American ingredient that I couldn't get in the UK. But no - its boring old coriander - that makes my American-English (which isn't English at all if you ask me, so there) cookbook much easier to understand.

Reminds me of going to the shop (sorry, grocery store) in New York (Food Emporium on 2nd Ave near 32nd st to be precise) with a craving for spinach pie and trying to buy some ready made pastry. I must have spent 15 minutes talking to someone who kept asking all his colleagues, 'Do you know what pastry is?'. I got really frustrated and in the end decided to go home defeated - I was just at the door of the shop when I remembered and rushed back the the shop assistant shouting, 'PIE CRUST!!! I want to buy some ready made PIE CRUST!!!!' Woo hoo!

And a very nice spinach pie it was too.


Lorcan said...

Oh where would the world be without Coriander/cilantro???

Yummm :)

Kel said...

call it what you like - Coriander/Cilantro - ruins any dish in my books

but pastry/piecrust - anything with pastry is better than something without pastry

Contemplative Activist said...

No no no - we bought a coriander plant last night, to go with the basil and mint plants in our kitchen. Yum yum yum :D