Thursday, July 07, 2005

Seeking peace

I started writing this yesterday, but somehow it seems more apt today.

May my words, Stem from this place
Of stillness, Quiet reflection.

May my heart be still enough to listen
That I might learn
To hear before
You take up war
For peace comes no other way.

May you find in me
No enemy awaiting to fight back
But a friend, With space to listen,
The courage to change,
To forgive our histories
One for another
And choose peace for the future

And may we speak to power together,
With truth integrity and boldness
Kissed by the quiet humility
That gives birth to justice.

And may we act
For peace together
Laying aside our weapons
And taking up love
That affords you and I both
The opportunity for humanity.

And as for you,
With your guns and bombs,
Your suicidal desperation
In the silence,
I want to learn
How to open myself to you,
This world to you,
To accept you back
To humanity.

For you belong with us,
and we with you.

My brother, My sister.

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Lorcan said...

The Friend speaks my mind