Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oh heck....

Yesterday morning at the God-forsaken hour at 8.30am the postman rang the doorbell really loudly! It was a rather large letter from my first choice university offering me an interview for their clinical training course - giving me all of 2 weeks notice. I'm meant to give them a five minute (what's with that - can't I have 20, how do you say anything in 5 minutes....huh?) presentation on research I'd like to carry out as a clinical trainee.

I am knackered now - I missed my Saturday morning lie in reading the letter and having kittens about my presentation. I also spent Friday night on the phone to my mum til the small hours - she just introduced a man she has been seeing a lot of recently to my grandparents and wanted to tell me how it went. (It went very well it seems, apparently. My grandad wants to show him his keyboard - this is a mark of great honour in my grandad's scheme of things. He has a room for his keyboards where they live underneath very neat dust protectors, amongst countless discs and manuals, all neatly kept, untouched by anyone other than the man himself!) Then my gran called me on Sunday morning to say, at last my mum has found someone who seems normal. This is high praise from my grandmother!

Wish me luck - and my mum too, I guess!


Rach said...

Good luck to both of you!

How on earth did your mum find anyone normal in NI?


Contemplative Activist said...

Just goes to prove that miracles do happen doesn't it Rach ;)

I'll send you a copy of my presentation - might be fun for you to read as a budding psychologist :). Be interesting to hear your thoughts actually!

Rach said...

lol! It does indeed!

People seem to think I'm going to be Ruthie Part II... *looks to heavens*Please God no... :P

Sounds good though! I'm writing my work expereince report (which apparently ends up on my UCAS form) and I think it's s***.. *wants to cry* Actually - you might be able to help *goes of to PM*


Contemplative Activist said...

Feel free to PM me. They can't *make* you put something on your UCAS form.

I'm happy to look over it for you, if you like :)

Who thinks you are going to be Ruthie II?! (What a compliment, you must be flattered - don't let your head swell). :P (This is an example of a grandiose idea!)

Rach said...

Are you just attempting to dodge your thesis?

People have said, when I've told them I want to do psychology "oh goodness, not another one... Ruthie did that too..." - you know, the whole NI thing etc etc.


Lora said...

Oh good Luck!