Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spring is here...or not

I have managed to link my ipod to the stereo system in my car - which is muchly appreciated when I spend about 1-2 hours a day driving.

I was listening to Norah Jones' "Feels like home" which always reminds me of a couple of summers ago when it was really hot and me and my office mates would skive off work to go to Bournemouth beach a lot.

So today I was driving along, singing to myself in the sunshine thinking, 'Ah, spring is here, its getting warmer' I even had the car window open.

Then, two hours later, I'm sitting in my office pretending to write up some notes and there's a snow storm outside.



postliberal said...

Spring is here, for those of us into plants, for the celandines are flowering now. Next stop, Wild Daffodils (Wordsworth and St David ahoy!)

Lora said...

It's a crazy time of year. Today it went up to 87F in Austin. Last week we had an ice storm.

bish said...

Spring has yet to really emerge here in Gloucestershire, England. Last evening's local news even ran a story on how late the daffodils are this year, alsmot a fortnight later than normal and too late for St David! I woke up this morning to an almost wholly frozen pond, with only the waterfall pump keeping a small section clear. All the frog spawn is frozen solid, and I can only hope some survives (mind you, same thing happened last year too and we had loads).

Contemplative Activist said...

Chickens are so cool - so is your house like chicken run then Bish ;)!

Nice to meet you - I'll check out your blog :)