Monday, June 05, 2006

Wedding guitars and nightmares

I had a nightmare....

I dreamt I was getting married to partner dude - not that, that is nightmare.

Naturally, we had planned a wonderfully simple, elegant Quaker affair with lots of quiet (yes, quiet).

I dreamt, heaven help us, that my family, unable to fathom the idea of a silent wedding had taken it upon themselves to surprise me with, brace yourself, a WORSHIP BAND.

So it was tweedle-de, tweedle dum, pluck guitar, strike the drum, praise the Lawd etc. etc. etc.

And, of course, I was furious and asked them to stop. But I was told by the matriarchs that this is what happens at weddings and I should put up with it because what did it matter. I was so livid I grabbed my partner dude and left my wedding in a huff.

Analyse that :S


Rach said...

You're from NI and that generally means your church-going family is like that! And they're praying for your salvation every night - especially as tomrorow is 06.06.06.


SinnaLuvva said...

Seems like you need to put the matriarchs in order ... plenty of assertiveness training before the big day!

I've no objection to either quiet or worshipful music but, the latter is rarely obtained via a worship band.

The more naturalistic the dream/nightmare, the more disturbing it becomes!

ash said...

'Tis a sign, dear CA, that thee must wed thy partner dude in a High-Anglican ceremony, in the presence of Bishops, in a Cathedral and that, therein, thou must repent of thy Quakeristic manner.

Or, yunno, not.

If all else fails, wed in the woods with your Merry Men (and/ or women).

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postliberal said...

I predict that - should you ever have a wedding ceremony - there's going to be a spot of guerrilla gigging heading your way, now!

ps. Raj, I think you might've shown yourself up a bit by the sheer over-hyping you laud on people - nobody's weblogg is quite that good ;P Nor, indeed, can the writer of it vote for you...

Lorcan said...

Ah Rai!!! But I can!!! AND I WONT!

Rather, I am tuning up my worship guitar and bible belt bag pipes, so, you and P-duddie, well...

I think there might be something to this dream of thine...


Contemplative Activist said...

Ha - yes, what a silly billy raj is. Not only can I not vote for him, he's republican. I wouldn't vote for him even if I could.

And that dicky bow...well...