Saturday, April 29, 2006

PhD Blues

I have written 61464 words on 202 pages, not including 47 pages of references (thats 524 references and another 15872 words). That doesn't include my very volumous appendices.


I'm still not finished.


I'm told people are wondering where I've been lately - sorry if I've not been sharpish with posts, comments and emails - this is why.


PS. Anyone enjoy proof reading? ;)


ash said...

you gonna publish it?

Contemplative Activist said...

Well, it goes into the British library if I pass.

My supervisor thinks I should publish some of the stuff I have done in journals, but I'm waiting until the thesis is done before I even go there!


Peterson Toscano said...

I am sure that once you emerge you will get right back to contributing thoughtful and insightful content to this thing we call the world wide web.

Contemplative Activist said...

Sod insightful comments, I'll be too busy parading around demanding to be called Dr. Contemplative Activist ;)

I am going to email my supervisor a draft tonight - dreading his comments.

Hope alls well with everyone!


Lorcan said...

Im reely glad yer knot one of theese peple who arr so prugudiced against us whth ADHD and the accsocated language disorders like problms with seequensing that you wont consider us when looking for somewon to to prrof reading. I'd love to proof reed yer pHd.
L.D. students UNTIE!

Wot's up doc.

Martin said...

Ask my friend Eleanor - see point 8, she's asking for it.

Psychologist too, as well. Though I don't know if she likes your sort.

Lorcan said...

Progress report? Still ticking?



Contemplative Activist said...

Yup, still ticking ;)

And I am bored....

Rach said...

Still going?

MadPriest said...

I was surfing through a long list of blogs, and yours was the first intelligent one I came across.
As a wannabe psychologist who is interested in religion and staying away from church, you may be interested in my outsider god blog. I can see you're busy at the moment but do drop by if you have a moment.

When you start posting again I will certainly link to you.

Contemplative Activist said...

Thanks madpriest - interesting blog btw :)

Still here Rach...still here doing my stats and banging my head on the desk at regular intervals.

Will it ever end?!?!?! :(