Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fill the legs of our dinky table...


Well, partner dude and I are moving in one month. We thought we'd try to rent a furnished flat as our current list of furniture includes two desks, one desk chair, a bookshelf, a CD rack and a crap plastic stool that cost less than a fiver.

But, no such luck. We found one furnished flat, and my God, was it a hovel - a disgusting, musty smelling place on the top of a block of flats - unfit for animal, never mind human habitation imho. Frankly, I don't think we could even manage to lug our meagre furniture up the steps, much less fit it in the tiny little flat at the top!

So, sod that we thought, and went and signed ourselves up for an unfurnished flat. So now we have to cobble together enough furniture to sleep in, sit in and eat off in our new, rather nice apartment. (Its dead posh!)

On our furniture shopping expeditions we came across this little table and are thinking of buying one for fun. The legs are hollow and you can fill them. So, any novel ideas of what to put in them?


Lorcan said...

Prostetic eyeballs?

ash said...

tiny tiny fish.

Lorcan said...

Ant farm? A shreded copy of major works of Sigmund Froid? M&Ms in one leg, Jelly beans in another, Skittles in another, and Tic Tacs in the fourth? missmatched socks ( ever wonder where the other sock went?)? ha'pennies and thrupence pieces? hair sweepings from a barber shop? ground up computer boards? teath? Soda? Family photos? Pills? Microphones and other bugging wires and lenses... ? Phone numbers of folks you have pulled from your phonebook for being a pain - thee can make a big cerimony out of that "YOU! YOU!!! YOU ARE GOING INTO THE TABLE LEG YOU SO AND SO!!!" ? Ian Pasley? toy cars ?
little photos of me and Ash?

Contemplative Activist said...

Lorcan, eyeballs, an ant farm - bleugh!

But yes, I do wonder where my mismatched socks go....perhaps there is an alternative universe full of lost socks.

Who is going to help me squish Ian Paisley into my table leg then? I could put senior in one, junior in the other (did you know he has a son of the same name...history does tend to go in cycles in our wee cuntry...but this takes the biscuit) and Gerry Adams in the other. Oh, it will be such a party!


Lorcan said...

Biscuits!!!! There you go! Thee can unscrew a leg and offer it to guests... "Bicky with yer cha?"