Friday, August 25, 2006

Gmail ads

I'm not quite sure what to make of this - I have a gmail account and it gives me little advertisements. I've never actually clicked on one before, but it seems to have picked up that I've been emailling people about furniture recently.

So I clicked on a website called "Zen furniture" and look what I found - how totally random! Not sure what it here but please, only if you're over 18. Sadly, it doesn't quite fit within our current furnishing budget...maybe later...what with buying all this furniture now, we'll need something for the wedding list later... ;)

If I do buy one, I'll be sure not to tell you. But if you ever see one in someone's house, you can give them a knowing smile or naively ask, "What an interesting piece, in what position do you sit on it?". Ho hum.


Lorcan said...

I think one uses two on either side of thee, sitting on the floor, arm rests? =)

Lorcan said...

Ah... emm... clicked on the photo and it is much larger than I imagined, or the wee girl is very small, Tinkerbell? I still think little ones are sit on the floor arm rests... =0

Brandice said...

Those are for sex. :) I use to work at Ambiance: The Store for Lovers and we sell them for around $300... they promote easier performance in... alternative positions. :)

SinnaLuvva said...

I thought it was quite decorative but, I don't know what she's straddling!