Sunday, November 12, 2006

If I were a client what would they say...

A few months ago, I tried to identify with the clients I was working with in a learning disabilities service by writing a day in my life as I think staff in an LD unit might record it...

So, for your amusement....

CA was very slow to get out of bed this morning. Groaned for several minutes and then begged PD to iron shirt for her. Asked CA why she didn't go to bed earlier, she complained that she didn't have time to go to bed earlier as "I still have to make changes to my thesis, they're still asking me for more f***ing changes." However, CA was heard joking around with PD in her bedroom late at night. Staff should check she is using contraception.

CA went to work, was a little late, but nothing unusual for her. When CA returned from work, she had two medium bowel movements in the space of one hour (ASIDE: yes, they really do include notes on everyone's bowel movements, whether relevant or not, perhaps Peterson would like to take a job there...)

CA complained that she didn't fancy noodles (as planned) for tea and demanded mushrooms and garlic bread instead. This necessitated a trip to the supermarket. CA was about to be taken to the supermarket when her dad called, further delaying the process by some 30 minutes. When staff told CA to come, she made "get away" gestures to them and looked cross. CA seemed unaware that other people have better things to do than to take her to the supermarket. Staff should be less accomodating to CA's demands in future.

PD was writing a congratulations card to his brother who recently got engaged. CA became very giggly and tried to convince PD to include innuendo type comments in the card. PD seemed amused by her suggestions. Staff are worried CA may be a bad influence on PD.

CA seemed to enjoy watching Woody Allen film before going to bed. Woody Allen films may be a good way to distract her when she is being excessively demanding.

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