Monday, November 06, 2006

Rediscovering Life

Time for an update, methinks.

Since finishing my thesis, I've been rediscovering lots of things I had to give up while I was doing it. Amongst them - clothes shopping and make up. I have somehow gone from owning zero dresses to owning two, including the most incredibly sexy black dress I managed to convince my mum would be great for her wedding ;)! (I'm not playing the resentful step-daughter, dressed all in funeral style black for a wedding, honest!)

I found a lovely man at the make up counter (who inspired me by not having powerful and sickly wafts of heavy perfume floating around him, like the women almost invariably do...) to show me how to wear eye make-up...which, if you know me, is such an achievement. Eye make-up has always been a huge problem for me. I have terrible eyesight, even with glasses on - so putting on eye makeup with no glasses when I can barely see a thing out of one of my eyes often yields hilarious results. Just to make matters more fun, I have a slight tremor so often look like I'm going for a bit of a halloween look (which I'm really not...). Anyway, thanks to the nice make-up man, I think I've cracked it. I even got him to show partner-dude how to do it, so he can do my makeup for special occasions. Ha ha ha - what a man (partner dude that is)!

We've made it to the cinema twice - don't bother going to see 'The Queen' (if I'd known what it was about before I went, I wouldn't have bothered, but I was bored, it was on...). However, DO DO DO try to catch 'Little Miss Sunshine' - it is pure hilarity, and equally touching. I loved it - perfect!

We've moved to Suffolk - such an incredibly different part of the country than where we were. Traffic jams are what happens when there are tractors and/or animals in the middle of the road (makes a change, to the constant sitting in traffic we were used to)! What's with that?! I spent a month on a teaching block, missed partner dude horribly and came home a week ago to start my placement working with kids with developmental difficulties & their families.

We've found a lovely Quaker meeting, where we find ourselves feeling very at home and looking forward to getting to know people.

Anyway, better go - I've decided to get more out of my underused gym membership & embark on a new fitness regime, involving pilates and twice weekly spinning classes. I should have a bum of steel by Christmas. I have a pilates class this evening. (Wonder how long this will last for...)

Hope alls well with everyone else in the blogosphere :)


Peterson Toscano said...

As Aladdin said to Jasmine as they rode on that magical carpet...It's a whole new world...

So glad you can get out to smell the flowers, put on some powder, catch a movie and live a little. Sweet.

Now I will be in Scotland all of December and part of January and that would be how far from Suffolk??? (hear the gears turning in Peterson's little head)

Contemplative Activist said...

Quite far I am afraid, but do-able. We are between Cambridge & Norwich if that helps orientate you.

About 5-6 hours by train from Edinburgh or Glasgow to where we live. But you can fly from Glasgow to Standstead and we're only an hour's drive away ;)...go on, increase that carbon footprint, you know you want to.

We'll sort something out :)


Rach said...

You mean there are places where it isn't tractors and/or animals in the road that cause traffic jams?! Boy, am I in for a culture shock.. ;o)

If you're going to the cinema again I'd avoud "The Last Kiss" - it's a bit "oh my gosh, what the heck happened in that two hour movie?!" - you are sitting waiting wondering what is going to happen and why is it taking so long to happen..


Lorcan said...

Hey Kiddo:
Nice to hear all is well. I'm back to jounalism, getting published every other week, so far, trying to get a bit more work, wobbling about on me sore pegs looking for stories... in the past I only took the photos, now I am writing my own copy. In the past, come to think of it, I would never have place the word only before took the photos, used to refer to most of my writers as my caption authors...
Well hugs all around