Thursday, June 16, 2005

Love In Action

Or should I say child abuse

Teenager held in ex-gay "treatment facility" against his will.

Reading the comments on Zach's latest blog post (made several days ago - I assume he's now in Love in Action) I have come across some of the most touching expressions of solidarity and support. I'd add my own but it won't let me register for some reason :(.
Kids forbidden to journal, speak to anyone and forced to make a moral inventory every week? How could it happen? So very very wrong.

Please consider adding a comment if you can - I'm sure such expressions of solidarity and support will mean the world to Zach when he gets out. Imagine - he knows nothing of the frenzy he has caused in the local media, now on the internet. Isn't the blogosphere amazing?!

And if you want to add your voice to the crowd - write to

Tommy Corman or John Smid

Love In Action, PO Box 753307, Memphis, TN 38175-3307

Or email:

I haven't done anything as yet (except post this obviously). Things like this make me want to shout and scream (a lot) but I'm not sure how productive or fruitful that would be. Does anyone have any thoughts on how these sorts of issues can be responded to effectively?

Read about Peterson Toscano's (a former resident in the Love in Action program) recent chance meeting with John Smid (head of the teenager program) here.


Lorcan said...

How people love is such an expression of God's face. What an obscenity to terrorize a young person to forsake the wiring to which they were born. I would dearly love to see civil rights law to ban the practice of attempting to force young people to deny their sexual identity by this form of confinement. America is jail happy... we are locking folks up right and left... civil and ceremonial confinement is the American way... this is, in fact, jail for young Gay people.

In light of the high instance of suicide amongst young Gay people, in intolerant communities... you can't torment love out of a person... well, there should be a law.


Lorcan said...

Hi CA... I loved your comment on his blog...
I thought I would share this, my comment on his site, as he speaks of his terrible anger at his mother...

America is prison happy. Civil and criminal confinement is the new way to shape this nation... But, you cannot lock the mind in jail, dear fellow... no jail can take from you the spirit God endowed within you. You have looked into your heart and found a Gay young man, then be strong, proud and free in any jail that seeks to hold you.

I am a plain Quaker... straight, married... I had a great deal of trouble with my father. What is being done to you is not right, is, in my estimation a human rights abuse. But, for your own sake, to be strong, overcome and forgive. Don't carry the pain of this after you survive your confinement. You forgive your parents and those who oppress you, not because they deserve it, but because you need not carry the weight of the pain they caused you...

Forgive them, they know not what they do. And remember, it is their illness - not yours.

Be strong and good.

God's love to you
Lorcan Otway

Contemplative Activist said...

I saw your post on his blog - it was very touching. I hope that all the literally 100s of comments are a source of comfort & strength to him.

We can only but hope.