Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!


'As the sun spirals its longest dance,
Cleanse us;
As nature shows bounty and fertility,
Bless us;
Let all things live with loving intent,
And to fulfill their truest destiny.'

(Taken from a Wiccan blessing for Summer...but I took it from Pauls blog at Off the beaten Track)


Lorcan said...

How shocked am I? I knew you were an ol'heathen! Next it will be virgin sacrifices!!!

See you at samhain, with oak and ash and thorn!


Lorcan said...

PS be oak and ash and thorn
all on a midsummers morn
surely we sing of no little thing
in oak and ash and thorn...

: )

Lorcan said...

Of all the trees that grow so fair old England to adorn,
Greater are none beneath the sun than oak and ash and thorn.

Oak of the clay lived many a day o'er ever Aeneas began.
Ash of the loam was a lady at home and brut was an outlaw man
And thorn of the down saw new Troy town from which was London born.
Witness hereby the ancient try of oak and ash and thorn.

Yew that is old in churchyard mould, he breedeth a mighty bow.
Alder for shoes do wise men choose and beech for cups also;
But when you have killed and your bowl it is filled and your shoes are clean outworn,
Back you must speed for all that you need to oak and ash and thorn.

Elm she hates mankind and waits till every gust be laid,
To drop a limb on the head of him that anyway trusts her shade;
But whether a lad be sober or sad or mellow with ale from the horn,
He'll take no wrong when he lyeth along 'neath oak and ash and thorn.

Oh, do not tell the priest our plight or he would call it a sin;
But we've been out in the woods all night a-conjuring summer in;
And we bring you good news by word of mouth, good news for cattle and corn.
Now is the sun comes up from the south by oak and ash and thorn.

From John Roberts and Tony Barrand "Dark Ships in the Forest" Folk Legacy 1977

Lorcan said...
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mary said...

happy summer solstice to you too :D

i've been getting into some pagan/wiccan things again recently, and loving it...

Lorcan said...

Och Mary, to be dancing in a ring, on the banks of Lough Neah!

Solstice maith...


Lorcan said...

Jeeze Loueezzzee!

I know you are moving house and all... but do we have to wait until Samhain for another post???

Some of us are waiting with baited breath for another installment of the CA show!!!!!!!!!!!!



Lorcan said...

Well... I am relieved and happy to see your post on Rob's site. I was afraid that you were still recovering from a Summer Solstice spiritual blow out and wiccan pub crawl!?!?!?!?!



Lorcan said...

PS But than again... We are STILL waiting for Ryan's next post to his blog... for what, four? Five months now???????


Contemplative Activist said...

Done darling, just for you :)