Monday, June 20, 2005

On a happier note...

I am moving house in 11 days :) For 7 years I've lived in crappy student accomodation, sharing with lots of people. This year, my partner and I decided to take the plunge and rent a flat to ourselves. I'm embarrassingly excited about viola...we have a countdown...goody goody!

Like the car? Its quite like mine :D.

So, for the next 11 days, I'll be packing up my room, cramming suitcases full of stuff and maybe I'll use it as an opportunity to reflect on the simplicity testimony. Every time I move house I'm more and more convinced that possessions are a burden!

That said, there are things I'm looking forward to buying. I've picked out a tablecloth. Pathetic isn't it, but I've never owned a tablecloth before, my housemates would only spill crap on it. Oh, and I'm going to buy a steam cleaner, and clean all the windows and upholstery so they're all fresh n clean and smell nice. I can leave my good wok (its a real proper one and I'm very precious about it) in the cupboard and not worry about it being abused by housemates. I'll buy a blender so I can cook to my hearts content, with the new Vonda Shepard CD I bought today blazing in the background - perfect Sunday afternoon cooking and entertaining music methinks. For the sake of my partner and our neighbours I shall refrain from singing along...maybe.

But more than all that, I am looking forward, with a mix of pure excitement and loving concern to sharing more of my life with partner dude (don't think I'll do names as I'm trying to be more anonymous on this blog). I guess moving in is a big thing, and although we live out of each others' pockets already. We cook together nearly every night, we spend most weekends together. But we don't yet wake up next to each other and we currently don't have to clean the same loo and that sort of thing. No doubt there will be some things to get used to, and many things to enjoy. I guess more than anything else, I'm looking forward to having a place we can share together, call home and welcome our friends and family into.

But I'm happy, if anyone wants to be happy with me, and/or share sage wisdom about living as'd be welcome to.


Rach said...

Cool ticker thing. You must have got that of someone very clever :D


Rach said...
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Contemplative Activist said...

I can't imagine where tho - I don't know any clever people :P

Lorcan said...

Ah everyone seems to be moving these days, and best of luck to all...


marc said...

It's really nice to have your own place, hope all goes well with the move.

Lora said...

Awesome! Your first place without housemates is so wonderful. Enjoy it, but do forgive yourself is you don't keep it as emaculate as you would hope.

Robin M. said...

My main advice about living as partners is to make upfront arrangements for your own time, space, money, etc.

Everyone should have some alone time, in his/her own house and out of their house.
Everyone should be able to carve out some space that is his/hers alone, to be as messy or neat as they alone would want.
Everyone should have some money that is his/hers alone to manage, without accounting to anyone else.

These don't have to be big amounts, it could be an hour a week, the top of a dresser, $5 a month, you get the idea. But knowing what you have as your own allows you to compromise more easily on the rest.

However, my personal policy about living as partners is don't do it until you're ready to make it permanent. But nobody ever wants to hear that, so don't consider that as advice.

Rob said...

Hi 'CA' -

I haven't had two minutes to check out my favorite blogs lately, but I send you good moving karma and look forward to coming down to visit some time in July. And when you get totally stressed out and about to yell, just ask yourself if it will matter in five years. Chat soon, - Rob

Contemplative Activist said...

Thanks Rob - let me know when you want to visit. The weekend of the 9th is going to be taken up with my mum coming to visit, but after that, we're all free :)

Looking forward to seeing you at some point!

I'll take you to a proper country pub if you like - well and truly non-Londony!