Saturday, January 06, 2007

Adult ADHD, not treated properly - too true!

The BBC have published an unusually sensible article (for the British media, they usually prefer parent-blaming, anti-psychiatry, unscientific, biggotted, stigmatising rhetoric when it comes to ADHD) about the lack of treatment for adult ADHD in the UK.

A while back I talked to a psychiatrist (a really nice one actually, who I get on extremely well with) about an adult client of mine who I was convinced had kidding, this person could not sit still, concentrate, fiddled and fidgetted...classic symptoms, and they were having an enormous impact on their day to day life.

So I called the psychiatrist who was involved with the person and asked if he minded if I did an adult ADHD screening test and whether he'd be willing to accept a referral for adult ADHD.

"Yes," he said, "and that client almost certainly has ADHD, their younger siblings certainly do."

"Oh great," I said, "so I will go ahead."

"There is little point," said the psychiatrist, "its pretty evident this is an organic condition for this person, but as they weren't treated with stimulant drugs as a child, we aren't able to prescribe them in adulthood."

"WHAT?!" I said, "that is madness! I cannot imagine the potential improvements in this client's life if some of these symptoms were under more control. I am fairly certain that a high proportion of their current problems are due to ADHD, and medication might well be hugely beneficial."

"Oh yes, "said the psychiatrist, "I quite agree. It is madness, but it is also policy."


Lorcan said...

Try massive doses of strong coffee. I would add, that in England, one would have to have the fellow buy a coffee grinder, as the coffee grounds in England are ground to fine... more on this latter, must run, but just a note to say, coffee is my ritalin.

Bouncing off the walls until I get my coffee!

Contemplative Activist said...

Policy dictates that I can't tell them that either! ;)

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