Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thanks Peterson :)

For posting this reflection on the need for non-violent action to promote and spread peace & justice in the world.

The video was made for Martin Luther King day in the States, but I think the general message is just as pertinent in the UK.

I've been trying to think what my new year's resolutions might be. I've come up with the usual list...

-get fitter
-work smarter (not harder)

I've even gone and done my research on potential new fitness programs at the gym...(is a cardio combat class appropriate for a Quaker? ;P)

But actually, I think I should find a way of peace-making more actively and this presentation is a timely reminder. I'm reminded of something from Quaker Advices and Queries.

"Are you alert to practices here and throughout the world which discriminate against people on the basis of who or what they are or because of their beliefs? Bear witness to the humanity of all people, including those who break society's conventions or its laws. Try to discern new growing points in social and economic life. Seek to understand the causes of injustice, social unrest and fear. Are you working to bring about a just and compassionate society which allows everyone to develop their capacities and fosters the desire to serve?

Remember your responsibilities as a citizen for the conduct of local, national and international affairs. Do not shrink from the time and effort your involvement may demand."
--Advices and Queries, Britain Yearly Meeting (emphasis mine)

I'll be going back to our Quaker meeting this Sunday after a month off with having been to Southampton to do my PhD viva and then staying with various family over the Christmas and new year holidays. I shall try to listen to where I should be going with my responsibility to promote peace and stand non-violently against acts of war and violence.

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it."
--M.L King

Thanks Peterson a timely inspiration as always.

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Peterson Toscano said...

CA, you are welcome.

That query is so powerful. This line speaks to mee deeply, "Seek to understand the causes of injustice, social unrest and fear."