Friday, January 26, 2007

I heart study days

Today is a study day - I am meant to stay at home and study independently.

Of course, what I actually do is lie in, cook myself breakfast, phone partner dude and meet him for lunch in I did all this and then I had a sudden compulsion to walk into a rather swank hairdressers. As it turned out someone had just cancelled an appointment with one of their male hairdressers and they asked if I wanted it. I have had great experiences with two male hairdressers, both have been willing to take risks with my hair, talk me out of conservative styles and make me feel confident enough to let them loose. Today was no different, I somewhat impulsively said, "Ok, do whatever you like with my hair."

He did - I now have short hair at the back, long hair at the front, some very choppy layers and my hair is poker straight. Now I am nervously waiting partner dude's return from work. This is what study days are for.


ash said...

i have 2 'days off' a week, one of which was today... so far today i have:
1) got up at some point in the morning to go to the loo, and put 'no cleaning today please' sign on door.
2) gone back to bed until 4pm.
3) got up, had cup of tea and a bagel.
4) gone on internet.
5) brewed some coffee
6) drank said coffee, explaining how a caffetiere works to a friend
7) looked at an indian take-out menu
8) read your blog.

Claire said...

Good for you :o) The hair style sounds great - I've always been too scared to tell a hairdresser to "do what you like" but everyone I know who has done it had great results. I suppose that as a PhD student, all my days are study days ;o)

Contemplative Activist said...

Ha ha - good luck Claire - I'd recommend it. You have nice straight hair that seems easy to manage.

I on the otherhand, am now struggling to straighten my hair - I cannot, try as I might, replicate what the hairdresser (he made it look so easy)...But my curls and waves refuse to be tamed.

I'm going to give the boyfriend the straightners tonight and see if he can do a better job than me :D!

Tomorrow I have a uni day, an entire day of workshops and lectures (quite exhausting). But, I am sure to get honest feedback on the new look and hair styling tips from my classmates (all of whom, bar one, are you can imagine the conversation!)