Friday, January 20, 2006

Go, the British army!

Yeah, I do still attend Quaker meetings ;)

I have heard on the grapevine that the British army hope to recruit clinical psychologists to work with soldiers who have been traumatised in conflict situations.

Whatever, we feel about the current gulf conflict, or war in general, I think we should welcome this move. I hope it goes through.

However, I heard this on the grapevine via someone who knows someone - if anyone knows where I could find out more, please let me know :)! I see a career prospect - wonder if they'll be employing at assistant level....


Soulja said...

Hi. Im in the British Army. And its nice to see you are interested.

Here comes the bad news, I have heard nothing of this, though im just a humble squaddie!

We are updated on this stuff a lot, your best best is to go to and look around there, they post a lot of big news like this. See you around!

- Pete

Contemplative Activist said...

Thanks Soulja! Nice to see you - how did you find my blog, if you don't mind me asking?

I had a look around. I know the army already employ psychologists & other mental health professionals - but someone who knows someone (who probably knows someone) said they had heard that the army were planning on recruiting more.

I imagine the army have additional checks in place for who they employ - they may not take on lowly unqualifieds like me. But, its certainly an important specialism.

I certainly hope that in the aftermaths of the current conflict in Iraq, that the army are taking soldier wellbeing & re-adjustment seriously.


Lorcan said...

I'm sitting her, smiling so... that Pete found a Quaker Blog, that C.A. is opening her heart to soulja's in need... it is so nice to know that the well of the water of life is so easy to trip over all the time.

Dear Pete, allow me a wee joke, the day I meet a HUMBLE squaddie! Yer a proud lot. As are we, wee Quakers, often called to task for being a bit too proud of being humble.

Well... I hope and pray that thee does not need some time on the couch once thee has served thy time, keep God in thy heart is a good begining, and seek Him where thee may forget him the most, seek him in the eyes of those thee may be taught are thy foe... If thee goes anywhere, come home safe and well. ( and don't hurt anyone... or thyself... )

Well, if anyone else needs a referal to C.A., let me assure thee... she's the one to see. I have never done so meself, but as someone who is certainly ( as the Movie Morgan says... ) a suitable case for treatment... take the word of a well unhinged looney, C.A. is the ticket, in khaki suit or tin foil hat, ( Hey CA, need a TV comercial? )
I guess it is time to say goodnight
Best wishes Pete
and good luck CA
(just as long as thee does not have to join up... )