Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random music buys

I've enjoyed Rufus Wainwright's music ever since partner dude bought me a few of his CDs last year. It seems his younger sister is equally talented.

My thanks to music sales in Virgin :)

Classical sounding music, French lyrics, folksy spunk and a "caution, explicit lyrics" sticker. Amazing, I can feel intellectual, cultured, artsy and naughty all at the same time. :)


Peterson Toscano said...

I adore Martha! I bought the album when it first came out and have played it over 30 times. It is a rare album where I enjoy EVERY song.

Rufus sings two songs on the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. Both are excellent (as always).

My new favorite group is Moloko. Very different from the Wainwright clan. Sorta of Eartha Kitt with a electronic/bjork mix.

Martin said...

Oh god, the term 'partner dude' is back in the English language.

The title of this is a little misleading, dear, looks like one random music buy if you ask me... (not to mention that buying music by someone whose brother's music you like is anything but random. It is music, I'll grant you that much)

Contemplative Activist said...

Ah Martin, ever the pedant...:P

Have you seen Brokeback Mountain Peterson (or anyone else)? I thought you were boycotting it out of principle!

Its had great reviews over here - and Rufus Wainwright on the soundtrack can't be bad! Its on at our local arts cinema (i.e. the one without popcorn stuck to the seats and that terrible sweaty smell that plagues the Odeon). I might see if I can make it down to watch it this weekend. Then again, The Constant Gardener is also on...what to see, what to see. Why are all the good films/movies on at the same time?!