Friday, January 27, 2006

The time has come....

The removal van is in the driveway, and its time to pack up our PC.

I'm not sure when we'll have internet at our new house - the previous tenants didn't cancel their phone line so we have to wait for a week before BT can start a new contract. Our internet company take 10 days to transfer, so its going to be quite a while before we have broadband (oh, the agony...)

Anyway, so updates from me for a while.

Play nicely in the blogosphere kids :)


Peterson Toscano said...

hope everything goes well with your move and that you make LOADS of nice friends.

Lorcan said...

Well... we'll miss thee on the dark side of the moon, but await the storries when thee and thy P Dudee show up around the other side

Lora said...

No internet, what torture! Happy moving.