Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone :)! I have no time for much of an update today as we're having a friend round for lunch to celebrate that I got the new Jamie Oliver Italian cook book for Christmas. Woo Wooo! I've just made a giant tiramisu and it looks incredible!

Anyway, before I go off to toast the new year dieters with a generous portion of sherry and coffee laced marscapone and chocolate goodness, I thought I'd start 2006 off with a nice inspiring quotation:

I'm not trying to counsel any of you
to do anything really special
except to dare to think,
and to dare to go with the truth,
and to dare to really love completely.

R. Buckminster Fuller – 1895-­1983


Man van de wereld said...

if it wasnt for my terrible work email that doesnt support any kind of Javascript executions which are neccesary to pin my pin on your worldmap, i would have.

But,if you are in the position to blog my blog and pin your pin,
that ll be great!

nice blog
keep it up


Peterson Toscano said...

happy new year! I am excited to hear about the adventures and challenges of your new job as well as the thoughtful insight you record in your blog.

Here's hoping we'll hang out in 2006.

Heather said...

I love the quote. Happy New Year to you both, may this one be your best yet.

Lorcan said...

Well timed quote... on me own blog we seem to be missing each other's point on finding unity when certain messages seek to define God ( in some case as Jesus, in some case as out of town... )