Friday, January 20, 2006

There's a whale in the Thames


There's a whale swimming in the Thames in central London, apparently it was spotted outside the Houses of Parliament.



Peterson Toscano said...

wow, this IS blog worthy! thanks for sharing this. I will make sure that my readers/listeners hears about this!

Martin said...

Poor thing's seriously injured, no LOLing about it!

Having said that, the crazy amount of coverage is in quite stark contrast to when they, say, find a human body in the Thames...

Contemplative Activist said...

Well, they hadn't explained that yesterday when I posted this.

Yes, does seem like this story won't have a very happy ending :(

postliberal said...

What a shame, for the poor thing.

Oh Martin, don't you believe that there'd be a lot more effort anf urgency of rescue if a person was stuck in the water? :P

Lorcan said...

Ah the cruther, Geine and I got all tearful this morning seeing that he didn't make it.
Ah my, it was nice he came for a visit, when he was feeling poorly. God love'em