Sunday, January 08, 2006

We're moving....again....

We found a new flat yesterday :) Its a really nice place - an old house that's been converted into flats so the rooms are really big. The bedroom especially is so airy and sunny, which is fantastic. Our current one is pretty small and pokey which is quite annoying sometimes. We even managed to get a place with a spare room (a miracle that we could afford it so close to London) so we'll have a study/guest room for visitors. So anyone who wants to visit, let me know. We're just half an hour from Marylebone :).

One of the things that irritates me about flat living - actually, living in suburbia in general, is our uncanny ability to not speak to our neighbours. When I was growing up, I knew most of the neighbours in our street, even the one's who didn't have kids. My mum was always sending me next door with a little bowl to ask the neighbour if we could borrow some sugar as we'd run out. At Christmas my gran bakes boiled cakes for most of her neighbours. I remember there was rioting in the streets where my gran lives (I promise Northern Ireland isn't that bad a place to grow up), and my gran would be exhausted from watching it from the window. She watched in case a petrol bomb landed itself in the house of an elderly neighbour, known as wee May (because she was called May and was really tiny) so she would be able to make sure she got out. As a young adult, I see very little of that kind of community any more.

I don't even know what most of our neighbours are called. I hear the people who live in the flat above us often enough - but only because they are so fond of arguing loudly in Chinese when I am writing my thesis. Anyway, perhaps I will have to try to break this silliness and pop next door sometime and invite them in for a cup of tea. Maybe it can be our new flat resolution or something.

Now, to sort out moving...again!


Rach said...

Northern Ireland is an awesome place to grow up - I think that despite all of my planning for The Great Escape(tm) taking place in the Summer/Autumn of 2007. I know a lot of the people on my road for the first mile or so of it and I can't walk down main street in the wee place I live without stopping to talk or saying hello at least three times.

Hope you have fun with boxes and moving and so forth..


Contemplative Activist said...


I just checked how much of a drive I will have to work in the morning. The estate agent said it was close and the map made it look not too far away...but I didn't realise it would be this close.

The AA reckon it will take me 5 minutes to drive to work in the morning. Bingo!

(And yes, I need my car - I'll be doing lots of community based work which involves loads of driving around, which suits me just fine. Who wants to be tied to a desk...yippee!)

But its good to know I won't be tortured every morning in rush hour traffic.

Lorcan said...

Ah, dear old Belfast. I've stayed on both sides of the pale... and in both cases... if thee waves to a friend down the street, all the women in their front gardins, all the strangers on the street wave back... at least that's how it was in the 70s. Few beleive it who were never there, but I say Belfast is the friendlies place in Ireland, and I love it dearly and long to there again.


Lorcan said...

friendliesT ... proof read? I yam, amintinaye?